The journey of life has a lot of chapters – some you like, some you don’t and some you would want to re-live. This is what summarizes my experiences of life so far. My journey began as a teacher surrounded by toddlers, enjoying their little nuisances & being their first guide in the outer world. 

In the span of 8 years of being a teacher, it has taught me patience, the importance of feeling joyous in little things, unconditional love & most importantly being happy with the self.

On the personal front, I have been a self-taught photographer with a soft corner for capturing nature & open skies. Music is another passion for me, just like food for the soul. 

For me writing was always seated somewhere in the subconscious mind, which triggered me to articulate my thoughts on paper yet being stopped by what we call ‘hitch’. However, turns of events happened and this is where I am at present. 

What coaxed me to finally write? I always saw my dear and near ones getting trapped in the self norms. Like – Worth, Appearance, Body, Weight, Status in the Society, Marital Status, Professional and Health. 

I feel that the importance of loving one’s self has been completely drowned by societal expectations. So, this is why I am here – in front of you all, pouring out my feelings to everyone out there. 

My blog is all about YOU and Me !! About What YOU, Realising YOUR Self-Worth, Loving YOURSELF again and Living WITHOUT Proving YOURSELF. 

In the end it’s about JUST BEING YOU!