Lohri is celebrated every year on 13th January especially in the North of India. We all celebrate this festival with great joy and enthusiasm. Marking the ending of the winter season and harvest season in Punjab. The farmers in Punjab after Lohri also see it as a financial New Year.  The delicious food items associated with Lohri are popcorns, peanuts, gajak, til and rewri.

You get together with the whole family, sing songs and dance around the bonfire on Dhol and often sing the song Sunder Mundriye. This song has a special place in our hearts. The meal cooked is mostly Sarson da saag and Makki di roti. Lohri comes a night before Makar Sankranti. 

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Lohri 2020!

On this auspicious day, special prayers are offered to our Sun God, Mother Earth and the Fire God for better health, prosperity in life and a good harvest. People then offer peanuts, til ki rewari and popcorn to the bonfire while dancing around the bonfire. 

On this joyous occasion, sending you warm wishes to you and your family.

Enjoy the spirit of Lohri and make your day wonderful!

Happy Lohri!

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