“Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks all”

Kurt Cobain

Has it ever happened with you, when you thought life is all figured out and you thought your plans are working out for you, just then life takes a 360-degree turn? Or an incident occurs which completely changes all your planning? And it makes you think and question God, why me

You make plans for your future, you save money, or you make travel plans. There are some who make plans to study abroad or some who plan to make a career. Some are ready to get married while others are planning a family. But, all of a sudden life comes to a halt.

After all, THIS IS LIFE and who told you that it is going to be easy?

While we grow up, we don’t even have time to think about such issues of Life. But with the passage of time, we go to college, then start working and meet a lot of people along the road. And Life simply goes on as it doesn’t stop for anyone! During this journey, we plan a lot but mostly end up doing something different. Some of you would agree to this thought and some won’t.

Some people can handle the stress of daily life, while others can’t. There would be a few who would turn to drink habits that would take their worries away and would-be overly stressed and full of anxiety. There are people who are strong and take care of themselves in such situations while others get angry and agitated over everything. 

Be it the loss of loved oneslonelinessanxiety, health issue diseaseheartbreakdeathdownfallaccidentjob firingrecessioncrisisa pandemic, or anything worse which you have encountered, you question again and again as to why Life has handed you all the problems?

Sometimes all you can do is learn to smile through your pain!

Well, each pain teaches us something. There are some pains in our life that really hurt us badly and some pains which completely change us.

The problem with us humans is, we think we have a lot of time, but actually, we don’t. Take the example of this lockdown period itself, you plan on arranging the cupboard or maybe do some activity or probably start working out or simply get into some routine. How is this working out for you so far? How much have you completed? Or are you still thinking you have days at home to do what you planned?

Honestly, most of you are either stuck with office work from home, some are stuck in the kitchen and household chores or with kids or other works while others are into Netflix and chill. Admit it, this is true.

But why can’t we just stay happy? Why can’t we choose happiness? You seriously have no clue how much time you have left, so why not make the most of it.

To find Sunshine, You will have to rise above the storm!

Yes, we all have problems in our lives. Even the happiest person must be having some problems which you must be unaware of. These problems or issues tend to SCREW US and our happiness over and over again when we think our life is all sorted and beautiful. Everyone feels their pain is bigger than the other person, this is how our brain works. We all have our own kinds of problems and issues but, none of them can be compared with anyone. Sometimes it is okay to be not okay!

These problems are like washing machines. They wash, they rinse and spin you around. And in the end, you will come out cleaner, brighter, and way better than ever before. You will realize that these problems help you in ways you didn’t even imagine. We tend to overcome our fears only when God showers you with countless problems. Nothing great was ever achieved by being in the comfort zone. Remember, sulking and complaining about our problems won’t change them or take them away. 

No matter how many times you feel that Life has screwed you over and over, you simply have to give time to certain things and wait. Sometimes God doesn’t give us a choice. But in the end, he does what is best for us, by not giving us what we thought we wanted. And honestly, we feel so fucked up at times, that seeing the good in every situation can be very tough or impossible. We simply have to face what life has served us in the platter. 

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”

Dolly Parton

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6 thoughts on “You won’t die a VIRGIN… Life fucks all!

  1. I loved every bit of what you have written. There are so many plans so many thoughts so many wishes yet to be materialised. Yes I often think why God did this. Lot of things are pending in life right now. What can one do. Hope is the only choice we all have.

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