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There comes a time in life, when people start taking you for granted. Has it ever happened with you, that for the sake of happiness of others, you go out of the way? But in return, that same person starts taking you for granted, which in turn hurts you.

Ever wondered that in the very first place, why do we let this happen? Is it because we love the person so much and we have a fear of losing him/her or is there a fear that he/she might get angry? All of this makes you feel terrible, helpless and shattered.

Have you started killing your heart and soul for the sake of others or their happiness?

Is our happiness measured by others? This is the time when you need to realize your self-worth. Think of it this way, instead of spending so much energy on getting hurt why not spend all this energy on the things that give you happiness or what you really want in life.

Whether you wish to believe it or not. But at some point in time in your life, this must-have happened. Be it your family, friends & loved ones. Life as you know it is not a bed of roses. Sometimes it becomes essential to say no even if it makes you feel bad. It won’t mean you care less.

If you give the keys to happiness in someone else’s hand, you can never be truly happy. Be in charge of it. Realize your self-worth and have gratitude from within. You have all the right to be happy and stay happy. For this, you don’t need to seek approval from anyone.

You will have to tolerate less nonsense if you love yourself more.

Try not to be over nice with anyone, instead show your true self. Be the way you are, you don’t have to kill yourself for others. In being over nice to them, you sometimes do things which are not OK to you or something in which you are not given a choice.

It is a good habit if you empathize with people. But sometimes over empathizing can lead to a lot of problems. People start taking you for granted and they expect you to go overboard for them. You are put in an awkward situation as you then need to manage your time well. Please remind yourself at that time – You can’t be available for everyone all the time. Stop doing gestures or things that your soul doesn’t allow.

Standing by your decisions is your key to happiness. If your inner voice says no for something stand by it. Mean what you say. The remote of your happiness lies in your hands. Speak for yourself as no one will come and do it for you. Everything in your life will start making sense if you simply start loving yourself.


“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness”

Robert Morley

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