What have you done with the lemons life has given you?

Often, we have this feeling that all the problems in the world are given to us only. And we question God, “Why Me?”. I guess we all have felt this phase when we are the lowest in our lives. In such situations quotes like – “Say try me instead of why me” don’t really come to our minds. But when I saw my loved ones going through so much it made me think that one should be grateful in all the situations. 

Life really does give us lemons from time to time.

  • One of my friends met with a major accident. I didn’t even know about it the whole time. He was on his way to pick up his grandmother in his brand new shining Fortuner which his dad gifted him a day before. He was waiting on the side of the road inside his car when drunk truck drivers came from behind and banged his car. His car flipped over by taking two to three rounds just like we see in action movies. The drivers not only ran away after doing this but took his phone, laptop, and essentials. He suffered multiple injuriesfractures and his brain was split open. He even went in a coma for nearly a month. Now after one year, he has started talking and walking. He has got a second life. I was shaken when I got to know everything. 
  • Another incident happened when I got to know, my friend lost his 6-year-old daughter, who was suffering from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). The family was in such pain that on the way to cremate her, some close ones in the family met with an accident. They suffered from multiple fractures and couldn’t even go to the cremation ground. The family lost their beautiful loving ever-smiling daughter. The pain of the family cannot be expressed in words. 
  • A few days ago, my sister slipped while taking a picture of a rainbow. Rainbows surely do fascinate all. But the way she slipped from the stairs broke her wrist. She got 3 fractures and had to undergo surgery. By God’s grace, she will recover soon.
  • One of my Music teacher back when we were in school got lost in the Amphan cyclone that came recently in Bengal. After 15 days of no contact, he was found. He lost his home but thankfully, he is okay.
  • A vast number of people have lost their lives due to Covid-19 and so many have lost their jobs too. 

Life is too uncertain!

We plan so much, but we don’t know what is really in store for us. It is very easy to say that when life gives us lemons we should make lemonade or some say make tequila or squirt them in people’s eyes and there are endless funny versions to it. 

But when it does happen in real life with us, what do we really do?

Yes, we feel depressedsadlowanxiousstress, and much more than can be described in words. As such situations create a hole in our hearts which is too difficult to fill. Physical injuries will take their own time to heal but the mental pain remains. Our mind takes time to accept what our heart already knows. Each of us has some chaos going on in our lives. 

Often when this happens, we refuse to see that life goes on and doesn’t stop for anyone and we refuse to move on. In some way or the other, life fucks all. We don’t know how much we are going to live, so why not live it fully and completely. Our time is limited so we should really value the time we have now. 

Live your Life as if you were given a Second Chance

Lemons are too sour and show the challenges of our lives. They say, when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade as it is sweeter and it shows that you should face all the challenges life has to offer to you. You should at least try to make negative things positive. Often we focus so hard on the closed door, that we refuse to see the opportunities and gifts life is offering. 

Give yourself time to heal but don’t rush. You have the right to feel what you feel. If you are sad, it is ok to be sad. If you want to cry, it is okay to cry. You can’t always be strong. But you have to give life a second chance. Remember you were given this life because you are tough enough to fight it. Yes, when we lose someone, we can’t bring them back. But live your life as they would have wished it for you. But if Life has given you a Second Chance, don’t lose that chance.  When you get time, look around and be grateful for all that God has given you. Be thankful for everything,   always

“Life is rough so you gotta be tough” 

Johnny Cash

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4 thoughts on “When LIFE gives you Lemons… What do you do?

  1. One should be courages to face what life throws at him/ het.. And being courageous is to resist fear and not absence of fear

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