first birthday

As turns 1 today i.e, 24th June 2020, a perfect day to be thankful and show appreciation.

I sincerely would like to thank all my family and friends who have been so supportive and encouraging. And a big-big thank you to all the readers whose comments not only make me feel super special but make me realize how a blog can make a difference in someone’s life.

Today, I would love to express my gratitude for Neha Bhatia because of whom I started this journey. Without her, wouldn’t have been possible. She encouraged me so much to pen down my thoughts and feelings. She literally used to push me to write on topics I never thought I would even write. Neha, I am truly grateful to you. Thank you for this. You have been a support throughout, simply love you.

“Sometimes there are stormy moments in your life when your friends do more than just walk with you; they become angels that carry you and protect you with their wings”

Steve Maraboli

Not to forget, a friend who has been there throughout, motivating and guiding – Raju Dubey. This is for you to never letting me down and always ready to help.

I wrote blogs on education, food, fashion & beauty, health, lifestyle, positive thoughts, relationships, self-care, and some trending topics. I write simple and pour my heart out in my blogs. 

Some of my favorite blogs are:

This thought began with seeing my loved ones getting trapped in the self norms of society regarding – Worth, Appearance, Body, Weight, Status in the Society, Marital Status, Professional, and Health.

I felt the importance of loving one’s self has been completely drowned by societal expectations. So, I thought of pouring out my feelings to everyone out there as I have been in similar situations and faced a lot of criticism or negative comments. People will never stop commenting or criticizing you. They will judge you or make fun of you or make you feel less again and again. It is like, you will never be good enough for them. But, God has given us two ears for a reason. Listen from one and let it go out from the other. Don’t let this negativity stay inside and hurt you. 

My blogs are all about:

  • YOU and Me!
  • What YOU actually are!
  • Realizing YOUR Self Worth!
  • Loving YOURSELF again!
  • Living WITHOUT Proving YOURSELF!

In the end, it’s about JUST BEING YOU!

I really hope that my blogs would have at least made a tiny difference in your life and made you feel good about yourself. You took out time and showed your love. This feeling is beyond words. 



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10 thoughts on “Just turned 1

  1. All the love to Worthy of You <3 <3
    Keep writing, keep inspiring, these topics must have helped & will continue to help so many of us fighting with Self Doubt.

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