This goes out to all the moms, mother-in-law, wives, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, all women and especially MY MOM!


With this 21 day lockdown, where we have can’t step out of our houses, we have to be extra cautious, we have to follow social distancing, we are simply stuck in our houses to be safe. For the safety of ourselves and others. This period of social distancing has made me realize a lot of things. And I am sure many of you must be feeling a lot.

I realized that all homemakers, be it our moms, moms-in-law, daughters, sisters, and aunts have done so much for us. I simply wanna SALUTE them today.


“A mom is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”

Cardinal Meymillod

Mom now that I can’t come and meet you, I want to tell you, that You are amazingstrong, the most kind-heartedencouraging, positivebeautifulselfless person and much more than I can describe.

Now with the maids off and doing all the household chores ourselves, makes me wonder, mom how you used to do it?

You are a superwoman truly, I had no clue when the veggies came in, when they got washed and when the food was even made. Even for our clothes, when they got washed, folded, ironed and put in our cupboards. Being a mom of two daughters, you did everything with equality. You made us share and learn, you did everything without ever showing us anything, you cookedcleanedwashed with so much love and no expectations from our side.

At each phase of life, we gave you such a hard time, especially me and my studies as I just wanted to play and be out all the time. Always putting us first and did what was best for us. You would go to the market groceries to just cook us our favorites. The way you used to wait for dad to come with all that energy and cook hot chapatis for him. You used to get up early and sacrificed your sleep for us. This is something we can never forget.


Mom, you never said ‘No’ to me for anything. The way you raised us, the way you took care of us. You believed in us and made us strong individuals. You always put us and our needs first. I miss those days and times with you, I miss our bingo and tea time together, I miss our market trips and miss those chit-chat sessions with you. You inspired me to follow my dreams and stood by me always.

I realized, being a homemaker is so much more than how easy it sounds that you are just at home. Honestly, the house works never ends. The kitchen keeps calling you back for something or the other. Homemakers not only make the homes beautiful but take care of the ones living it unconditionally. They put their heart and soul into it, so the house feels like home. 


It is rightly said, No matter how old you get, you always want your mother when you don’t feel good.

The way you have taken care of me when I used to be ill (and that used to be so frequent). Accompanying me to all my doctor trips. You never ever said No. Sometimes I feel I couldn’t hug you and cry properly at my wedding. Just love you, Mom. 

And mom homemakers like you are questioned –


To all those who felt that way and whoever told you this, let them do all the work for a day, and trust me they will come to know that housework takes a toll on you. It feels to them since they are out for work as if you did nothing. But coming to actually do it, they would realize how much energy goes into these household chores. As I have always mentioned, it’s too easy to comment. People never stop commenting.

But ladies, don’t ever lose heart. You are stronger than you know. 

You actually sacrificed your lives and your needs for your loved ones. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and take out time for yourself. You truly deserve your ‘ME’ time. Watch your favorite movie or show, lay down for some time, eat what you feel like, go where you feel like, talk to whoever you want and for whatever time you want. You have done enough for everyone. If people got only one life, SO DID YOU. It is never too late to live it. Smile and be proud of yourself. You rocked it. You are an amazing homemaker and I am simply proud of each one of you. Hats off ladies!

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