Happy Rakhi

Although I know I am late in sharing this post. But better late than never, it is Raksha Bandhan month. So here are some thoughts on the same. 

Is Raksha Bandhan a bond only between Brothers & Sisters? What opinion do you hold?

With various stories linked to Raksha Bandhan, a very famous one is that of Rani Karnavati of Chittor and the Mughal Emperor Humayun. It is a Hindu festival in which the sisters are beautifully dressed up to celebrate this auspicious day. A thread that holds so much importance and is tied on the brother’s wrist as a symbol of protecting the sister. The bond of love is celebrated by giving gifts to each other and eating sweets together. 

But the question is, whether it is just a bond between brothers and sisters?

Since I only have a real sister and only cousin brothers. For me, that bond of ‘Raksha‘ is only with my sister. She has been with me through my thick and thin. She is my pillar, my rock. I especially wish her on Raksha Bandhan as she is always there to protect me and is standing by my side. I feel that although every day is Raksha Bandhan day, this day is a special reminder that we are there for each other and our bond becomes stronger and stronger. 

Dearest Di, I vow to protect you at all times from all kinds of evils and be there for you in hours of needs or crisis. Wishing you a Raksha Bandhan today, tomorrow and every single day of our lives. Who says, Raksha Bandhan is just a bond between a brother and a sister, it’s the sisters who make it so special. Thanks a ton to my beautiful & loving sister. 

To everyone out there, please remember that Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival of brothers and sisters. But it is a festival of a bond between two brothers or two sisters too. A bond with our friends who are always standing there by our sides. A special bond with our parents as they are our protectors. 

Upon such days, we tend to forget that our greatest protector is God. So when buying Rakhi’s, do buy one for your God and tie him a rakhi on every Raksha Bandhan as well. He is with you at all times. Even when the world is not by your side, he is there. 

Last but not least, tie a Raksha thread as protection outside your main door. It will protect your home from evil.

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