“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean”

Bob Marley

Lately, I came across some individuals who are so full of themselves. I sometimes wonder, what happiness do they get in judging, commenting or taking out flaws. That is the exact moment where I had a question in mind. 

Are you absolutely perfect yourself that you start judging others?

I am totally imperfect and I simply love the way I am. Talking to such people I realized that maybe they were trying to hide their own imperfections. 

I would like to say just one thing for such situations, people will always try and pull you down. Either for the way you look, be it your skin color or your body weight or try to compare you with others. Such people never realize how they are making the individual feel.

And the worst part is, if you comment on them or just answer back at that time, they would react in such a horrible way as if you are the mean one. People, please realize that your comments are the reason your friend exploded and fired back at you.

I am simply Flawsome: Embracing my flaws and knowing I am awesome. 

To all the judgers, commenters and flaw taking out people, please step in the shoes of the person you comment on or take out flaws of.

  • If I am elder to you and you are way younger to me & want to talk to me, why do you keep pointing at my age? It is not my mistake I was born before. You will reach my age too.  
  • God gave you & me a different skin color, hair type, body structure, still, you want to comment? Go and have a look at yourself in the mirror. 
  • What if I start taking out your flaws, will you like it? And I won’t spare you then. 
  • If I am wearing a particular color which probably you don’t like, it is your problem, not mine. Clearly, I didn’t ask for your opinion. 
  • You and I have been raised differently and we will always have a difference of opinion. It is high time, accept it. 
  • Why push me to speak to you after all this bullshit of yours?
  • If I ignore you, avoid you or don’t talk to you all for all this non-sense, will you understand my reasons or still blame me that I am wrong?

Yes, all of this goes on in my head with your actions. These are my reactions. You have not been in my sorrows, tears, laughter, joys, and pain. Don’t just assume anything before knowing and understanding and before hurting others think how you would feel about that. You must be thinking that you don’t judge but you just comment. Well that also, is not at all appreciated. 

Your life would be a better place if you start appreciating the person as it is. As they accept you, as you are. You will miss out on a lot of things and a lot of people will simply walk out of your life. If you really want to improve your relationships start appreciating the flaws and people as they are. 

“Don’t judge me. You know my name, but not my story”

Demi Lovato

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