“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”

Mandy Hale

Change is defined as when something becomes different. For some people, it can be a horrifying and dramatic experience while for others it is easy and simple to take. But whether it is a horrifying experience or an easy one, Change is necessary and it does happen whether we like it or not. Like two individuals are not the same, the same way every day also cannot be the same. The routines can be the same, but when you look back in time, things are different each day.  

When things change inside you they change outside too. 

You will feel sad and dull sometimes when you look back on how things used to be. But the truth is time flies. Life is full of second chances so try to learn from your experiences, don’t have any regrets. Being with your family, friends and loved ones is all you need to do. Don’t let the change bother you so much that you forget the moment you are in. You have no clue how quickly things change, like a blink of an eye. At that moment you would want to turn back in time and you just won’t be able to.

If you want to be peaceful and happy in your life, please remember that nothing lasts forever in life. When you don’t accept a thing or a situation you will be unhappy. There are things we cannot control. You cannot change the things you don’t have any control over. You will feel frustrated and disappointed. Shift your focus from all the negative thoughts to all the beautiful people and parts of your life. Think about the people who are there for you and who value you

Things change and that is OKAY

You can change your weight if you are unhappy with it, the same way you can switch your job if that is no longer giving you happiness or peace of mind. These things are under your control and you can change them. You will always have that choice. Find happiness in situations where you can change things instead of cribbing over things you, unfortunately, cannot change. 

Focus on what you can change and what you cannot. The sooner you accept this fact of life, the better it will be for you. It is completely Okay to be not ok. As each day goes by, you will face a different situation. Try to learn from people around you and be the best version of yourself. Being unfamiliar with a situation or people doesn’t always mean it has to be bad. As you grow older in life, you will learn to change yourself according to the situations.


There are certain situations in which you will not have any control. 

  • If you are working, what your colleagues think of you should be your least concern. What they are doing, saying or feeling should also not bother you. If they truly value you, their gestures will prove it.
  • You simply cannot change whatever has happened before or in the past. Like the same time and date doesn’t repeat. The incidents which have occurred before, are all in the past. You cannot bring back that time. 
  • We all are blessed with our family. Our parents will always be our parents and our siblings will always be our siblings. This cannot change and neither the fact that we will get old one day. So accept your family and the fact that you will grow old and so will our parents (it’s too hard to see our parents age).
  • We come across certain individuals in our life who cheat us or betray us, even though we trusted them. Of course, we don’t have pleasant thoughts or feelings for them. But before you think too much about that, ask yourself – can anything be done about it now? Can you go back in time and change it?
  • Love is one such emotion that if you feel for a person, you feel it with all your heart and soul. But neither can you force a relationship on someone nor you can make a person love you. 

Change is such, whether you loathe it or love it, it will happen. You would want to go back in time and wish we could get some more time with an individual or relive a particular moment. But instead live now, take life as it comes. Simply going with the flow is required at times whether you want it to happen or not. Allowing change to happen will be like a blessing in disguise. What we feel is best for us, is sometimes not. You have no clue what God has in store for you. 

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t” 

Steve Maraboli

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5 thoughts on “Things Change & That’s OKAY!

  1. Hmmm so deep actually but one simple rule of life is that live your life like a radio as there is no any prediction which songs come next
    Like is same as radio frequency we have to match
    Less the expectations give u peace of mind
    And i always believe
    “You Live life once live it king-size without any regrets:)

  2. Change is the way of life. It is natural. Nothing remains the same. Change is the river,that flows continuously. It is the wind that moves on. It is the truth. So truth cannot be changed. One who accepts change is a happy person.

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